10 Ways To Blow Up On Twitter Like Donald Trump


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According to a Twitter buzz tracking website that is tracking the mentions of Republican Presidential Candidates on Twitter, Donald Trump is currently generating the most buzz on Twitter by far.

As of August 19th, 2015 Trump has 42% of all mentions among candidates, more than double the mentions of Hillary Clinton, who is in a distant second place with 16% of mentions.

Trump has been in the lead on Twitter for the past few weeks with no signs of slowing down.


Although whether he wins the Republican nomination is still up in the air Trump has proven himself to be social media savvy and is currently winning the battle of social buzz.

Below are some Trump Twitter tips I have identified that have given him a competitive edge.

1. Tweet Often

In the 60 minutes since I started researching and writing this blog post Donald Trump has tweeted 11 times.

Hillary is no slouch on Twitter but has still tweeted much less than Trump with 11 tweets over the past 24 hours.

2. Make Your Mentions Public

A tweet that begins with someone’s username will be sent to that person and and followers that you both share.

However by adding a period at the beginning of a tweet, before a username, your tweet will be sent to all of your followers.

Donald Trump uses this strategy and generates plenty of extra buzz as a result.

3. Polarize People

By taking strong stances on subjects Trump makes it hard for people to be indifferent.

This polarizing attitude causes people to love or hate him.

This helps Trump build buzz as people who are either hot or cold are much more likely to voice their opinion about Trump than people who are lukewarm.

4. Say Thank You

Publicly say thank you to the people who help you with positive press and they will be more likely to do so again in the future.

5. Tweet About Donald Trump

Trump tweets about Trump, Trump, and more Trump.

Tweet something positive about Trump and you stand a chance of being ReTweeted by him since positive Trump tweets are practically all he posts and shares.

6. Use Multiple Links In Your Bio


7. Speak to a Specific Audience

Trump calls Entrepreneurs our directly and by offering them advice he positions himself as leader within this community.

8. Retweet Others

Trump ReTweets others often and in doing so provides himself with plenty of extra positive buzz.


9. Create Conversations

Instead of just reacting to what everyone else is saying create your own topics of discussion.

Trump did this by bringing up the issue of illegal immigration and suggesting that the US builds a wall between the US and Mexico.

Since Trump brought this issue up it gets him traction as other candidates are asked to weigh in on an election issue he created.

10. Hire Someone To Manage Your Twitter

Although Donald certainly exercises influence over his Twitter account some of his tweets have evidence of a social media manager as many tweets are simply self-promotional retweets that could have been written by anyone.

Some tweets are even written in the third person.


For better or worse Trump’s Twitter tips work and by applying these tips to your Twitter strategy you can get great results too.


What do you think of Trump’s Twitter strategies above? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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