Infographic: 12 Twitter Tips to Help You Get More Conversions



This Twitter infographic from Hubspot reveals some fresh stats about Twitter and just how active the massive social media site is.

Below I’ve included the 12 Twitter tips from the infographics and added my thoughts to their takeaways.

1. Alternate between “Title tweet” and “Copy tweets.”

Mix up the copy in your tweets.  Use title’s sometimes and other times be conversational.

Tweet in such a way that your audience will know your a human and not some bot auto-feeding your Twitter with content.

2. Include shortened links to drive engagement

The big takeaway here is that link clicks are 92% of all engagement on tweets.

If you want to get results for your business your tweets need to include links.follow-these-twitter-tips

I find the click through to long links is usually better than short links so if you have room for the direct URL go with that.

3. Use images in your tweets

I’ve been saying this one for a while.

Use compelling images in your tweets whenever possible because tweets with images take up more room in the home feed and get more engagement.

4. Want Retweets? ASK for them

This is proven to work but personally I get annoyed when someone is constantly asking me to retweet them so use this tip sparingly.

When you do ask for a RT spell the word out “retweet” and this is proven to get a better response.

5. Use actionable words like “Download”large-download-now-button

Tell people about the action you want to take in your tweet and more people will click through.

6. Recycle tweets

Only a small portion of your network sees any given tweet so start a spreadsheet and save your best tweets for re-use in the future.

7. Tweet…About Twitter

Tweets about Twitter are shared more often than tweets about other content.

Tip: Content from this blog tends to go viral when tweeted. 🙂

8. Don’t worry about having too few followers

Most people have less than 500 followers.

This tip lacks strategy: I don’t see how this tip can help someone get more conversions.

If you do decide to get more Twitter followers this will certainly help you get more conversions since more people will check out your profile and the links you share.

So if you don’t have many followers at least you are on Twitter but by growing your Twitter network you will give yourself social proof and influence that will help you attract even more Twitter followers and conversions in the future.schedule-tweets

9. Schedule tweets late at night

Since many people only tweet during the day you give your tweets an edge if you post later at night.

Tools like the free WordPress plugin Evergreen Post Tweeter and Twitter Feed can automate late night posting or you can schedule tweets to go off an any time with an app like Hootsuite.

10. Be responsive

Customers expect to get a fast response on Twitter and over half expect a response within an hour!

Stay active on Twitter so you can help a customer if they have any concerns.

If someone is interested in one of your products or services the faster you respond to them the better your chances are of converting them into a customer!

11. Stats get more RT’s not more reach

Better to share tweets with links then it is to share tweets with stats if you are looking for more clicks and conversions.

However if you are looking for Twitter engagement and more followers then tweeting stats is a smart strategy.

12. Use Twitter to convert more visitors into leads.



How do you get more conversions with Twitter? Let us know with a comment below and feel free to leave your Twitter username so people can follow you!

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