7 Ways to Promote Your Blog With Twitter


Twitter is a bloggers best friend.  Not only does tweeting your latest blog post help it get picked up by Google, Twitter can be an awesome channel for driving a torrent of traffic to your site.

With the seven tactics in this post you will learn some awesome strategies for getting more Twitter traffic to your blog.

Team the tactics in this post with my tips for getting more Twitter followers and more retweets and you will be ready to make your next blog post an epic Twitter success!

1. Tweet Your Blog Posts

By sending your tweets out manually with a tool like Hootsuite you will have complete control over the timing of my tweets.

Space your tweets out so that you do not flood your Twitter stream with too many tweets at any one time.

For those who like to automate there are some cool Twitter tools out there.

TwitterFeed is one of the cool (free) tools you can use.  With Twitterfeed you can auto-post your new blog posts as tweets.


After creating a Twitter account, you provide Twitterfeed with the URL for blog’s RSS feed, and then configure how often you want to post to Twitter.

After that, every time you publish a post on your blog, it creates a post on Twitter announcing its availability. If you have multiple blogs, you can a single Twitterfeed account to promote all of them.

2. Encourage Your Readers to Tweet Your Posts

A tool that I use to do this is called click to tweet.

To use click to tweet you jump over to their website and insert the tweet that you want tweeted.  The tool will then compress this tweet down into a link.

Then simply insert some text with a call to action asking your readers to tweet this post and you’re good to go!


 3. Include a Link to Your Blog in Your Twitter Bio

Most people think that they are limited to one link in their Twitter profile.

The fact is that you can include two or more links, although I recommend you limit the links you promote to just two.

For a second link to work you will need to begin it with the http:// prefix.

I use this strategy in my Twitter bio as you can see from the image below:


4. Install a Commenting Plugin With Twitter Integration

A free commenting system that I have use on some of my self hosted WordPress blogs is called Disqus and it works very well for a few important reasons.

  • It is simple to install
  • It offers the most options for signing in to comment
  • It makes sharing on social media sites like Twitter very easy.

The easier you can make it for people to share your content the more people will.

Even if your blogging platform does not support Disqus you should enable Twitter sharing if the option is available, and even if it is not make sure to use tools like click to tweet  and Twitter tweet buttons to get your readers sharing your content.

5. Install Official Twitter Buttons

Tweet buttons are a great way to get your blog content to spread on Twitter.

There are several different official Twitter buttons that you can install and Twitter makes it easy to configure and install them.


I recommend installing a tweet button into every post to help people share your content.

If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog and want to use a sharing plugin like the one following you down the left of the screen make sure you install the free Flare plugin. This awesome plugin is easily customizable and enables you to add a tweet button to every page and/or post you have published.

Below is a snap shot showing what the configuration dashboard looks like:



6. Use Twitter to Run a Blog Contest

Twitter can be a great way to get contests happening for your blog.

There are a few different ways you can use Twitter to promote a contest.

You can run a comment contest, where you send tweets out about the prize you will give away to whoever has the best comment.

Another option is to run a contest where the winner is the person who drives the most traffic to the contest page.  Simply tell entrants to use bit.ly links to track the traffic they send, since bit.ly links can be tracked simply by adding a + to the end of any bit.ly link.

For more contest ideas check out this post with 20 killer Twitter contest tips.

7. Promote Your Blog(s) on Your Twitter Background


Despite the many Twitter Tools that are out there and free to use most people still use the web based version of Twitter to send their tweets.

This means that your background is basically a billboard that you can use to promote your blogs and any other social networks you want to build.

This is how I have used my background, with a link to this Twitter blog and other links to my social profiles.  Although these links are not clickable their visibility has undoubtedly  caused some people to check these links out.

Even if you are not a graphic designer you can still create an awesome background without too much effort.  The Twitter Background designer Themelon is a good place to start, as it makes creating a custom Twitter background base very easy.

Once you have a background base design you can link up with a background designer on Fiverr and get a custom background for five bucks.  Or you can download a free trial of Photoshop and tackle the customization yourself.


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How do you promote your blog on Twitter? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Brenda Smith April 11, 2016 at 3:58 am #

    Indeed a great post about blog promotion.

    To run a blog properly, We should must have some regular readers and to get regular readers, We must have to promote our blogs regularly.

    Blog promotion is very much important nowadays. We should have the ability to attract readers eyes.

    I really like the way of blog pormotion you explained here and I am completely agree with you. By following these techniques, We can drive regular readers on our blog.

    As I think, to get regular loyal readers, We must have to write high quality and engaging content because content is the only thing which can attract readers from different different sources whether It is a social media or email outreach. Content should have the power to attract readers.

    Along with these places, Facebook groups has also a great potential. We can drive huge traffic and readers from these groups If we have written the awesome content.

    I am glad that you have covered such a nice article. Thanks for sharing is with us. 😀

  2. Ressourcen July 19, 2013 at 8:21 pm #

    Woah! this is very useful to me hehe, I tried using buttons but doesn’t work to me, I’ll try with other options. Thanks!

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    I struggle so much on Twitter it's not even funny. I struggle with everything social media to be honest. Thanks for the help

    • Garin Kilpatrick June 26, 2013 at 10:55 pm #

      Well you did not struggle to write a quality comment. Great logo as well. Cheers!

  12. Manganpaper October 30, 2012 at 5:27 pm #

    Thanks, Garin, that's tremendously handy information. About Item No. 2, though, is your phrase "the tweet that you want tweeted" referring to a blog post (on WordPress, in my case) that I would want tweeted ?- If not, why use Click-to-Tweet on my Twitter account when there is already the Retweet button on Twitter ?
    This all helped. I'm a beginner in many ways, being a sort of hobbyist who likes to promulgate the verses of the Irish poet Clarence Mangan (1803 – 1849).

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