8 Ways to Build a Powerful Twitter Network


build-a-powerful-twitter-networkBy: @Garin

Having a million followers means nothing if none of them pay attention to you.

The more responsive you can make your Twitter list the more valuable it will be for you to spread your tweets.

With a responsive Twitter list you can get many more retweets, and you will develop an audience that is more likely to engage and interact with your content.

A more responsive audience means that your content will get more shares, and more comments, and achieving your online goals will become easier overall.

If you want a more responsive Twitter list the following 10 tips will help you achieve that goal:

1. List People Often

A “follow” does not have the significance it once used to.  For people who have thousands of followers a single new follower may or may not be important, especially since there are many marketers who use Twitter Marketing Software to auto-follow people.

Twitter lists, on the other hand, are usually hand picked by people.  People are more likely to pay attention if you list them.

If you want to make sure you get the attention of the person you are listing tell them you added them to one of your lists!

The more you list, the more the law or reciprocity will kick in and cause others to list you back.  List and be listed.

2. Tell your Facebook Friends about Twitter

On Facebook you can let your friends know that you are on Twitter in a variety of ways.  The more ways you tell your Facebook friends you are on Twitter, the better your odds are of getting them to follow you.

You can post a status update saying: Are you on Twitter?  If so post your user name below and let’s connect there as well!  When I posted  status update like this it got huge response from my friends and helped me build deeper connections with my network.

Another way you can tell people you are on Twitter, without directly saying so, is to import your tweets using a Twitter application, like Selective Tweets.  Selective Tweets automatically imports tweets with the hashtag #fb.

Another thing I do on Facebook is include a link to my Twitter account in the “Websites” section of my info tab.


3. Connect with Your Existing Contacts

Using the Find Friends feature of Twitter you can quickly connect with your friends who are already on Twitter.


As you can see from the image above there are about five different ways that you can find your friends on Twitter.

4. Follow Highly Targeted people

By following highly targeted people on Twitter you greatly increase the chance that they will follow you back.

One strategy I use to build highly relevant connections is to use TweetAdder to follow everyone on a Twitter list.

You can learn more about TweetAdder here, or check out my video review of TweetAdder.

5. Unfollow Unnecessary People

The more inactive and irrelevant people you can unfollow, the better.

Why follow people who have not tweeted in a month, or who use the default Twitter avatar?

The free tool Manage Twitter makes it easy to unfollow people who do not follow you and have not tweeted in 30 days or more, or taken the time to change their default profile picture.

6. Engage With Your List!

Getting people to follow you is really just the first the first step in connecting with them.  The real connections happens through conversation, and engagement.

Retweet your followers and reach out to them, and they will be more likely to do the same for you.

If you look at many of the Twitter Giants like @BrianSolis or @ChrisBrogan you will notice that many of their tweets are conversational, and this is why their networks are so powerful.

People are much more likely to pay attention to you if you pay attention to them.

7. Be a Trust Agent

I’m not saying don’t have a business, I’m just saying it’s going to work out best for you if you do not sell directly with your tweets.

Try to build trust with the people you interact with, and if you do this they will consider your products and services on their own.

8. Time Your Tweets for Maximum Responsebuffer-app

There is a cool Twitter Tool that I recently came across called buffer that simplifies this process.  When you add a tweet to your puffer it will automatically schedule at pre-determined time.

Buffer streamlines and simplifies tweeting, and you can have up to ten tweets in your buffer for free.


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  1. Leo Widrich May 20, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    Garin, thanks so much for this! Haha, dude, I was just strolling through your blog and Buffering about 5 posts until I saw you are mentioning Buffer here! That is fantastic and thanks a lot. 

    In case your readers want a quick way to access it, just hit http://bufferapp.com

    Ok, let me just Buffer this one more time! 🙂 

    Co-Founder Buffer

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