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By: @Garin

In this tutorial I will show how you can use the Social Media Marketing tool Market Me Suite to build custom links back to your website with every single tweet you send.

By implementing this Twitter branding strategy you will send more traffic to your website from Twitter, and you will improve your SEO by building links automatically.

I wish I had started using this program sooner, because if I did I would have had thousands of more custom links to my website by now!

To set this up you will need to register an app with Twitter, but don’t worry, it’s easy.

I have created a video and a step by step tutorial showing exactly how to get this done.

Twitter Branding App Creation

Step 1. Go to and click “Get Started”


Step 2. Register your own Twitter application


Step 3. Fill out the Twitter Application Information

twitter-branding-register-a-twitter-applicationThat’s it for the Twitter branding app creation process. Your Twitter branding app is now created!

To start using this new branding app you must install it within Market Me Suite.

Twitter Branding App Integration

Step 1. Press this plus button to choose the account you want to brand.


Step 2. Add a brand nickname


Step 3. Copy and paste your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from your app on

copy-paste-key-and-secretStep 4. Copy your PIN, or write it down.


Step 5. Enter your pin.enter-your-twitter-branding-pin

…and that’s it! Complete the steps above and you will have successfully created and implemented a Twitter branding app.

Market Me SuiteTry Market Me Suite Today!

Cool idea: Want more people to “Like” your Facebook page? Custom brand your Tweets with a link that says Join my Facebook page!

Market Me Suite comes with many awesome features, including:

  • Schedule Tweets to Twitter and Updates to Facebook
  • Brand Management
  • Unfollowing Algorithm
  • Post to all, some, or just one account at a time
  • integration
  • And much more!

For just a few dollars you can try Market Me Suite, and that gives you unlimited access to the program, which means you can use this program to manage an unlimited amount of accounts.

Bonus .PDF:

If you buy a copy of Market Me Suite through one of my links on this page I will give you a FREE .pdf called Social Media Influence showing some cool ways that you can use social media to increase your influence online!

To claim your bonus .PDF simply email me (Twitter[at] your reciept for Market Me Suite.

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