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When social media websites first came onto the scene, it seemed like they would be more of a fad than anything else.

However, unlike the Yo-Yo or Beanie Baby, social media sites have lasted—and not only that, they have become a very important part of daily life for many.

Twitter is one of the most frequently visited websites worldwide, and is increasingly used by savvy businesses as an important marketing tool.

If you’re looking for better social media results I strongly urge you to consider the following easy steps to get better Twitter results.

1. Share Breaking News

One of the reasons that Twitter has held up so well is the fact that breaking news seems to spread faster here on the site than anywhere else.

If you follow some of the largest news organizations, you are certain to be among the first to hear about breaking developments on the world’s largest news stories of the day.

Tweeting breaking news is a great way to get plenty of retweets, which lead to more followers and a more influential audience.


2. Get Better Twitter Results by Creating Lists

The vast majority of businesses are on Twitter and you can follow the organizations that interest you most and create Twitter lists of the organizations that interest you most.

Although it is quite common for someone to be followed on Twitter, being listed is more rare, and sends a signal to the person that you are listing that you are not a robot and that you have found them interesting enough to list.

Listing other people and organizations can have many positive reciprocal effects, such as being followed, mentioned, and listed by others.

Check out the Twitter tool PeerReach to discover many powerful Twitter lists and how you can create similar lists of your own with just one click.

3. Stay Trendy

Trending and the use of #hashtags are extremely popular on Twitter.

Participating in these types of trends can get you noticed if your participating Tweet is strong enough.

By tapping into trending topics you can siphon off traffic from popular streams that get plenty of exposure.

The Twitter tool trendsmap shows local trends over-layed on a map.


4. Expand Your Web of Friends

If you only have a handful of friends that are also on Twitter, don’t fret!

Following those that follow your friends is a great way to expand your network.

There are many powerful ways to get more Twitter followers, one of the most effective of which is to initiate connections and conversation.

Twitter is an open network by default where new connections are encouraged so if you reach out to someone relevant and new there is a good chance that they will respond in a positive way.


5. Be Funny and Witty

Many people have found internet fame through comedy on Twitter.

The usernames @sween, @shitmydadsays, and @slasheen come to mind, and there are countless others that could be added to that list as well.

A great place to find some of the many witticisms of Twitter is on the site favstar.fm.  Favstar tracks the favorites of people on Twitter and creates a list of the most favorited tweets of the day and of all time.

A topical joke or satire on a situation that is trending worldwide is a great way to get the attention of new followers.

People love to laugh, especially when traveling through social media sites. If you are able to use your wit, your followers will grow.

6. Reply, reply, reply

If someone spends time to send you a Tweet or a direct message, don’t ignore it!

Responding to people will help you build a good reputation and will lead to more followers.@mention

As your network grows it will become increasingly hard to answer everyone, but the more people you can respond to the more opportunities you can potentially create for yourself.

7. Network With New People

There are thousands of other professionals on Twitter looking to expand their network as well.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, seek out others in your same field (even competitors) and reach out.

Using twitter tools like TweetAdder and SocialBro you can create lists of targeted people to follow, based on keywords tweeted, location, keywords in a users bio, or several other criteria.

The more targeted connections you can initiate the more potential partnerships you can create.


8. Find Great Deals

Companies are eager to capture Twitter followers and advertise their product.

Thanks to that, many companies offer great deals exclusively through Twitter.

Keeping up with some of the places you shop the most can be very beneficial for saving money.

On the flip side if you run a Twitter promotion for your business then Twitter can be a great way to create profit as well.

9. Communicate With Celebrities

Thanks to Twitter, public figures are much more accessible.

Through their Twitter accounts, they can see responses to their Tweets and messages they have received.


Because of this, celebs often are communicating with fans, and you can easily receive a response from your favorite star!

10. Check Your Stats

You can use tools like TweetStats to find out how often you and other people around the Twitter universe are updating their Tweets.

This is a fun tool that shows who is on top at Tweeting among your friends!

Check out this article for 10 more Twitter analytic and visualization tools.

Those are just some of the ways to use Twitter. Give some of these a shot, and you’re sure to increase your results.

 About the Author

John Gower (@johnagower) is a writer for NerdWallet, a personal finance website dedicated to helping you save money with financial tips on everything from social media marketing to a high interest savings account.

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