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This is a guest post by Alvina Lopez.

Twitter has proved itself to be a useful tool for marketing, business, and networking for several years now.

Even those late to hop on the bandwagon can attest to the usefulness of the web tool and networking site. As a mini-blogging platform, Twitter originated as a social networking and social sharing site, but quickly evolved into a marketing and promotions tool to reach millions throughout the web.

While social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have received a considerable amount of criticism, there are many things these sites have done for us. One might be surprised to learn the writing benefits Twitter can teach any writer who aspires to inmprove.

How To Be Concise

Many argue that the character restrictions things like Twitter and text messaging impose on people is damaging to their writing development. However, this limitation can actually be a very useful tool for writers and can help instill a very important writing practice.

Concise writing is essential. Talented writers are those who can get across what they need to say with as few words as possible. Of course, with creative writing there are certain creative liberties writers can take, but, for the most part, strong professional writing is concise.

By being limited to 140 characters, we are forced to be concise and brief. Business writing values saying what you need to say quickly. Twitter encourages and cultivates this skill.

How To Read Your Audience

Twitter is a public writing experience. That’s the point. People are supposed to post things on Twitter that they would like to share with their followers. In this way, Twitter is very much about knowing who you are talking to.

By getting response to what you write within a matter of minutes you get immediate feedback and quickly learn how to read and cater to their audience.

In business writing and even conversation you want to know and understand your audience. Knowing who you are talking to and what it is they would like to hear from you helps you create material that appeals directly to them.

Twitter helps you practice writing for a specific audience and the better you are able to develop this skill the more retweets and followers you will get.

Learn How To Be Direct

While directness is certainly an aspect of being concise and brief, there is much more to the art of direct writing. Business writing values a style that is direct and demanding.

With Twitter you can Tweet at people and direct individuals’ attention directly to your post. This demanding aspect of the platform speaks well to business writing values.

You want to direct your reader’s attention to your message. Be direct and up front about your purpose and what you wish your reader to do.

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

While there are plenty of examples throughout the Twittersphere where people have failed to proofread and edit their Tweets, the platform does encourage that you look through your writing before you “publish” it.

This is an essential lesson for business writing and other writing alike. You must proofread and edit your work. Unedited and incomplete writing is unprofessional and considerably less effective on your audience.


Do you think Twitter has made you a better writer? Let us know in the comments below.

This is a guest post by Alvina Lopez is a freelance writer and blog junkie, who blogs about accredited online colleges.

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