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Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Hoffa were trending on Twitter this morning, at least in the United States and at that precise moment in time.

In and of itself, this information is interesting, if not somewhat giggle-inducing.

From news broadcasters to regular folks alike, many check what’s trending on Twitter to learn about breaking news or what’s hot on the cultural scene.

But if you’re like me, you have follow up questions and always want to know more.

For instance, when people tweet about Miley Cyrus or Jimmy Hoffa, is it in a positive or negative light?

And if you pitted them against one another, which one will the tweeting masses favor? I used our new vs. app to find out.


Without scrolling down to peek at the results, take a guess at who won the match up between Miley Cyrus vs. Jimmy Hoffa:


So, did you guess right?

(Ha! Jimmy Hoffa, wherever you are, you can now truly rest in peace.)

How the vs. app works

It’s easy to get started, simply by coming up with two topics of interest. After you enter two topics to compare, vs. searches the latest, freshest tweets available mentioning those topics. Each of the two topics gets a vs. score like you see above.

The score can fall in the positive or in the negative or right in the middle, which is zero.

The topic with the higher score wins the favor-ability challenge!

The vs. score is our secret sauce that measures sentiment for or against the topics, how many questions are being answered or asked about them, what people intend to do about them, and many other so-called “signals” that we developed here at OpenAmplify for our patented natural language processing (NLP) technology.

It does all this data gathering and analysis in about 15 seconds.

TIP: You can compare any two topics. They can be celebs, teams, brands, bands, movies, concepts or even hashtags. If you need ideas, do check what’s trending on Twitter or the vs. trending screen in-app for some recent and popular match ups.


3 Great Uses of the vs. App

What’s trending on Twitter will tell you what’s on tweeters’ minds. This new vs. app will tell you what’s capturing their collective heart. You can use it for many different purposes and here are three that come to mind.

1. For good old-fashioned fun and entertainment

One day our chief coder and co-founder Mike Petit told us about an app that he “slapped together” for scoring sentiment on tweets.

It came in extremely handy for settling friendly debates with his buddies at the local pub. Thusly, the vs. app was born!

So, go ahead and entertain yourself silly with vs. You know that your team is far superior than their crosstown rivals. And that you can pick the winner between two celebs feuding in the tabloids. And, that the twitterverse always agrees with you, naturally. Now with vs., you can prove it.

2. For a social pulse-check on your brand

The same underlying technology that powers our clients’ commercial initiatives for analyzing social conversations is behind vs. This app is deceivingly fun while it uses robust, sophisticated NLP.

This means that marketers, executives and brand managers can check on the general sentiment and overall love of their brand against their competitor’s in real time.

Who knew that social big data analysis could be this easy?!


3. For creating unique social content.

Whether you’re humble-bragging about your team or looking to spark a political conversation, use the vs. app to create interesting, personalized, and timely content.

The vs. app provides a fun, fast, and easy way to create your own content by letting the twitterverse chime in.

Using the VS app you can easily share the results of your challenge to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Ok, it’s your turn to rock the vs. app. Be sure to tweet us your fun match ups and results @vs_app or share via #twittervs.

To learn more about the new vs. app, please visit The vs. app is free and is available for iPhones in the iTunes AppStore.

About the Author

This is a guest post by:  Monika Jo from OpenAmplify.


Run a challenge using the vs app and let us know the results below!

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