15 Powerful Twitter Promotion Ideas



Twitter is a powerful marketing platform and that power is amplified when you take the right Twitter promotion ideas and apply them properly.

The secret is not to always be pitching and selling, but instead to communicate and deliver value.

The most powerful Twitter promotion tips make your marketing not feel like marketing.

Check out the article below and discover 15 powerful Twitter promotion ideas to help you build your brand and execute effective micro-blogging marketing campaigns.

1. Upload a Custom Twitter Header

Twitter now enables you to add a header image to your Twitter profile.

Adding this is easier than you might think.  Simply go to “Settings” and then “Design” and upload your image.

The recommended dimensions are 1500×500 and the maximum file size is 5MB.


This image you choose for your Twitter header image will also display on most Twitter mobile applications.

On my custom Twitter header image I created a custom design in the top corner that features my other social profiles and websites.

2. Choose Your Twitter ID Carefully

Your Twitter handle can either help or hurt you build your Twitter brand, so choose wisely.

Shorter is better because of RTs, but catchy is better than short due to memorability.

Get a catchy, short, username and you’re golden.

3. Promote With Your Profile

Your Twitter profile is highly visible so if you include a link

Ask yourself: where do I want to send traffic the most? The answer to this question is the link you should use in your bio.

In addition to the main URL spot Twitter provides if you mention other Twitter usernames, or include other URLs beginning with http:// in your bio, these will become click able links as well.

4. Link it Uplink-it-up

Promote your twitter presence by adding links to your Twitter profile on your website, your other social media profiles, in your email signature, and everywhere else it is relevant to do so.

5. Use Your Real Name

People connect with people better than they do with brands.

Present yourself as a person rather than a brand and this will make your promotion efforts much easier.

6. Promote with #Hashtags

Use the # symbol in front of a keyword to add your tweet to a stream of tweets all using the same #hashtag.


If you have a small audience this can be a powerful way to attract new people to your content.

Be wary of going overboard with hashtags. #When #you #use #alot #of #hashtags #it #looks #ugly.

7. Connect With People Who Have Shared Interests

When you connect with people who have shared interests the odds of it being a reciprocal and beneficial connection are much greater than if you connect with someone randomly.

Use a Twitter advanced search to connect with people who have keywords in their bio that are related to topics you tweet about (Twitter, Social Media, Marketing, etc.).

Using an advanced search gives you several other ways to create relevant connections, such as finding people near by, or connecting with people who have tweeted content that is interesting to you.

8. Use Twitter Directories to Promote Your Twitter Profile

Here is a list of some of the best Twitter directories for expanding your network.

9. Cross Promote with Influencersinfluencer

Follow the influencers related to your business or industry and retweet them to get on their radar.

After a few retweets reach out to them with a mention and some will feel compelled to connect with you since you have shown that you are willing to help them.

If you connect with and help influencers there is a good chance they will return the favor and help you with your promotion.

10. Space Out Your Promotional Tweets

Use a Twitter profile management tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to manage multiple twitter accounts & schedule your updates.

Check out this post about timing your tweets for more tips on this topic.

11. Offer Special “Follower Only” Promotions & Coupons

Increase sales using twitter by giving special offers and coupons to your followers.

One way to do this is to give a special offer to anyone who retweets one of your tweets.

12. Run a Twitter Traffic Contest


Create a viral contest by offering a prize to whoever sends the most traffic to your contest page.

Make entrants use a contest hashtag and a bit.ly link so you can track who sends the most traffic.

You can track bit.ly link clicks by adding a + to the end of any bit.ly link.

13. Use Offline Marketing to Drive Your Twitter Promotion

Just because a promotion is happening on Twitter does not mean you can;t promote it with offline marketing materials.

A traditional ad, a billboard, or twitter business cards will get you real results online.

14. Tweet Promotional Pictures

Post pictures of your products, business cards, and other items related to your business.

If you are on Instagram send your pictures to Twitter whenever it is relevant to do so.

A picture says a thousand words and can be a great way to get your audience engaging with you.

Make sure to respond as often as possible to the people who mention you, since ignoring your followers can cause your followers to feel alienated.  Engaging with everyone gets harder to do the bigger your following grows but do your best and you’ll get great results.

15. Get More Twitter Followers

The more followers you have the easier your Twitter promotional efforts will be.

Check out this article I wrote with 75 tips for getting more followers and learn more about organic online and offline methods for building a following.

If you want to turbo-boost your social proof and Twitter following  check out the services offered by Grow my Twitter Network.

Bonus Tip: Keep Your Account Secure

If your Twitter account is compromised this can seriously damage your brand, cause your to lose followers, and ruin your Twitter promotional campaigns.Twitter-security

Use a strong password to protect your twitter account from hackers, and make sure to always log out of your Twitter account if you are using a shared computer.

If you find any security issues, change your password immediately without fail.

Be wary of suspicious direct messages from your followers since there are several malicious applications send direct message without consent.


What Twitter promotion tip do you think is the most effective? Let us know in the comments below!

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