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15 Powerful Twitter Promotion Ideas

Twitter is a powerful marketing platform and that power is amplified when you take the right Twitter promotion ideas and apply them properly. The secret is not to always be pitching and selling, but instead to communicate and deliver value. The most powerful Twitter promotion tips make your marketing not feel like marketing. Check out the […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Twitter Analytics Tips to Improve Your Engagement

Twitter isn’t just about connections—it’s about discovery. But how do you convert those discoveries into concrete data that you can use to improve sales—and continue to attract new customers? It starts by learning a little bit more about what Twitter offers and what its data means. For example, Twitter is going to enable you to understand impressions, engagement, and likes. […]

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Infographic: What Happens in a Twitter Minute?

In the new infographic What happens in a Twitter minute some startling Twitter stats are revealed about how active the platform really is. These stats about the current state of Twitter provide some insight into how you can stand out from the crowd. Whenever you differentiate yourself from the crowd this is a good thing since you will be positioning […]

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7 Important Twitter Promotion Tips for Your Brand

Twitter is easily the world’s most addictive social media platform. It has millions of highly engaged and active users who spend more time Tweeting than engaging with people in the real world. For organizations and entrepreneurs looking to sell their products and expand their businesses this offers a huge opportunity. A recent study suggests that […]

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