10 Tips for Live Tweeting From an Event



The real time nature of Twitter makes it a great medium for live events.

Here are some Twitter tips to help you make the most of Twitter at your next event.

1. Be a Part of The “Real” Conversation

This means you should know and use the official event hashtags.wifi-logo-3d

2. Use The Event Hosts Wi-Fi

This will save your data plan and can give you a faster connection.

3. Tweet A Lot

The more you tweet the better chance you have to connect with and meet quality new people.

4. Tweet Takeaways

When listening to a speaker listen for quotes, take pictures, and share the best parts of your experience with a wider audience.

5. Mention Other People Tweeting at the Event

Comment on tweets made by other people at the event.  Retweeting and favoriting tweets from other people at the event is a good networking strategy as well.

6. Create Your Own Unique Hashtag

Some events have long and awkward official event #Hashtags.

Create your own shorter, catchier #HSHTG and you will position yourself as a leader when others at the event to follow your lead and use it as well.hootsuite-black-logo

7. Use a Robust Twitter App

The best way to manage Twitter is with a laptop or notepad computer and an app like Hootsuite or TweetDeck since this will enable you to watch multiple streams at once.

8. Create a Twitter List of People at the Event

When you meet someone at the event you attend start by asking for their username and connecting with them by adding them to a Twitter list you create for the event.

Once you get 5+ people on this list you can start telling other people about it and this will position yourself as social media savvy and helpful since other people will likely be interested in following your list as well.

9. Prepare

Make sure you are prepared before the event begins.

Follow the event speakers and include them on your Twitter list about the event.

10. Space Your Tweets Out

Although Twitter is a noisy network and you can get away with a greater frequency of posting than Facebook it is easy to hammer it excessively with constant tweeting at an event.

A smarter approach is to use an app like Buffer or Hootsuite to space your tweets out so that you are not bleeding your feed and more of your audience can enjoy your tweets over time.


Hit me up on Twitter @Garin or leave a comment below and let me know your favorite Twitter tip for live tweeting at an event.

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