20 Killer Twitter Contest Tips



A Twitter contest is a great way to widen your audience and target your customers without being intrusive.

It is a fun way of promoting your product and at the same time communicating with your customers.

A Twitter contest is another way of putting up a social marketing campaign strategy.

Check out the Twitter contest tips below and get the inside scoop on launching and running an awesome Twitter contest!

Benefits of Having Twitter Contests

Many companies nowadays use this strategy to enhance their business and effectively promote their products or services.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Twitter contests have become a company’s medium in launching their products and they have become successful.


2. Improve Your Reputation

Holding a Twitter contest will put your company in the spotlight.

You will become more popular than your competitors and you’ll get extra attention from your followers.

3. Get More Followers

People joining the contest will likely follow you to win the prize.

Not only will running a Twitter contest help you get more Twitter followers fast, it will also keep those followers coming back since they will want to be updated on the contest flow.

4. Revenue Increase

A Twitter contest is the best way to introduce your company or business to many people and bring in lots of customers.  They will likely continue to follow you even when the competition is done.

5. Advertising

Twitter contests help you promote your products or services. You can simultaneously advertise your other products by giving them a link to your website.

Different Types of Twitter Contests

There are various ways of putting up fun Twitter contests. Here are some examples:

1. Twitter Photo Contests

Many people like to take pictures, be it of themselves or their surroundings. Nevertheless, photo contests on Twitter are very popular. It is more personal and it enhances an individual’s creativity.

2. Hashtag ContestsBlue-Hashtag

This is probably the simplest yet most interactive contest on Twitter. Usually, followers use the hashtag on their tweets and the winner is randomly picked. Sometimes the individual with the highest number of hashtags becomes the winner. Your followers will be inclined to tweet all day just to win the prize.

3. Photo Caption Contests

Another creative Twitter contest you can use is to let your followers tweet a caption about a certain photo you upload on Twitter or you place on your website or blog. This is another fun way of letting your followers’ creativity flow.


This is probably the most popular contest on Twitter. Followers are asked to retweet and the winner is picked randomly. This type of Twitter contest will definitely increase your followers.

@Threadless, for example, gained 200,000 followers after having this kind of contest.

5. Follow to Win

To get more Twitter followers, some businesses will ask participants to follow them to be included in the contest.

All they need to do is to follow or retweet and follow. Winners will be randomly drawn after the contest has ended.

Twitter Contest Tools

Although I have not had a chance to test drive Interactwive yet it looks solid and is free for Twitter contests that are under two hours in length.


Twitter Contests 101

Before putting up your own contest on Twitter, follow these 10 Twitter contest tips in making your contest a success.

1. Follow Rules and Regulations

Make sure to check out the official Twitter guidelines before launching your Twitter contest.


Every competition follows specific rules and regulations. Twitter contests are often regarded to as fun, free and easy online competitions.

It is however still a competition so be sure you comply with all legal requirements.

2. Give Specific Details

Be sure your followers know what to do. You have to map out the details very clearly such as eligibility, contest flow and the prize.

Provide them complete detailed information what the contest is all about and how many times the contestant can participate.

They should also know when the contest will end.

Use a hashtag that is unique and clear for your contest and it should not be duplicated.

Ask the contestants to include @username for clear monitoring.

3. Spread the Word

Promote your contest anyway you can. Tweet all about it every hour or every minute. Treat this contest as such a way you do marketing campaigns. Consumers want to know updates on your contest so it is necessary for you to be loud on Twitter. Be sure your Tweets sound interesting and engaging for your followers.

4. Target Audience

Twitter reaches millions of people around the globe.

Know who your target audience is and make sure they are within reach, unless of course your contest is eligible for people even on the other side of the world. Figure out who you really want to target. Always be visible and engaging even when the contest ends so your new followers will stay.

5. Use Other Social Media

People nowadays have personal accounts on different social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

These sites, together with their Twitter account, are all linked together. Use other social media as well to promote your contest for a wider audience range.

6. Consider the Timing of Your Twitter Contesttwitter-timing-clock

There are a lot of companies, competitors or not, putting up Twitter contests. Make sure your contest is not overshadowed by another contest or any big stories on Twitter.

It may be difficult for you to promote your contest should this happen.

7. Add Links to Your Contest

Having a Twitter contest is a great way to market your product or service. Aside from promoting your contest, add a link to your company website for your followers to open.

Consider sponsors for your contest and add a link to their website. Sponsors can create a wider audience for your contest.

8. Easy to Enter

Participants do not like to join contests with lots of requirements. Make it easy and fun to join. Avoid asking your contestants to visit your store or buy your product. Many people opt to join a contest online by simply clicking on a computer or just tweet.

9. And the Winner is…

Be sure to use the right tools in determining your winner, even if the winner is picked randomly. If you have sponsors, they can serve as your judge for the contest. Make sure you announce the winner on your Twitter, website or blog for all the world to see.

10. Post-contest

After the planning, contest proper and coming up with a winner, what’s next? Since you have reached a wide audience and gained many followers, it should not stop there.

Continue to engage with your followers. Link them to your website, Facebook page or blog. Remember that customer engagement is long-term.

These 10 Twitter contest tips are guidelines you can use to create your own Twitter contest. Remember, Twitter contests are meant to be fun, interactive and easy to join. When creating your own contest, be creative and think out-of-the-box. Unique and stylish Twitter contests will surely entice your target audience and gain more followers.

Cheers to your Twitter contest! Have fun!


Have you ever launched or participated in a Twitter contest? Let us know in the comments below!

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