Get More Twitter Engagement With These 10 Terrific Tweet Writing Tips



Getting more Twitter engagement is a powerful way to grow your influence online.

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the leading social media forces.

Whenever something remarkable happens in the world you can be sure that within a couple of minutes someone will be tweeting about it.

Trending hashtags help to create and facilitate this amazingly diverse platform of free speech.

Individuals and businesses from around the world flock to Twitter to connect with their readers and followers.

The question that many aspiring Twitter experts are asking is: How do I Get More Twitter Engagement?

With a 140-character limit, distilling everything you want to say can be difficult at times.

To help you maximize your Twitter engagement rates, here are 10 terrific tweet writing tips to help you get more Twitter engagement.

1. Keep Your Tweets Short & Sweet

To some people, 140-characters may seem relatively oppressive.


Realistically though this is way more than you actually need.

When creating your Twitter posts, try to keep your posts under 110 characters.

This way when people copy and paste your tweet they can include your username too, and this will help send more followers to you.

Statistically shorter posts receive a 17% increase in engagement rates and you leave room for users to add their own retweet comments, again, improving the engagement rate.

You can use tools such as Easy Word Count to monitor the length of your tweets to stay within this boundary.

2. Post Regularly

As many as 15% of Twitter users will proactively unfollow your page within a maximum of three weeks if you don’t keep them engaged.

Tools like Manage Flitter also make it possible to create a list of anyone you follow who has not tweeted in 30 days.

The longer your account is inactive the greater the risk is that people will unfollow and disengage with you.

So stay active on Twitter and post on a daily basis.

It’s estimated that out of all the active Twitter accounts, 27% use it every day.

This amounts to millions of users. That’s plenty of people who can potentially engage with your posts.

3. Monitor & Track Your Post’s Performance

Using the native Twitter Analytics tool you can accurately monitor the performance of your posts to see which ones are working well and which ones are not.

twitter-analyticsMatthew Sterling, a Social Media Manager at Academized, explains: “Using Twitter Analytics you can effectively track which of your posts are the most successful and have the highest engagement rates. These are the posts you want to focus on because this is what you are doing right. Consider the format and style of these posts, the content itself and the topic you were talking about. Due to the success of these posts, you’ll want to replicate these methods for your future posts, a sure-fire way to improve your overall engagement rates.”

There are plenty of Twitter analytics tools out there and you can check out this post to discover 10 of them.

4. Connect with Your Followers

There’s no better way to make one of your followers connect with you more than responding to their interactions with your posts.

If someone has retweeted your posts or commented, comment back and spark a conversation.

Followers love it when they are recognized by a person they follow.

Additionally, other users will be able to see these interactions and are more likely to engage with you for the same reasons.

5. Be Precise


Accuracy in your tweets is essential.

With only 140-characters to read, many users won’t have to skim read; they will actually read your content.

This means any errors, including typos, are extremely easy to notice and will decrease the credibility of your posts and your account.

6. Hashtags

Hashtags are the bloodlines of Twitter.

There is a lot of information about hashtags and everyone know the importance of their use.

This is what groups everything together and helps users find information and posts on what they want to know about.

You can use hashtags effectively to bring identity to your tweets by pinpointing the exact users that you want to read your posts.

This is a very simple yet effective way of boosting your post’s engagement rates.

The people reading your posts, the high the number of engaging users.

To help you use hashtags to your advantage you can use Twitter tools like Hashtagify.

This tool will enable you to search relevant hashtags to your posts and will then show you the best-related hashtags to use in your posts.

7. Tweet at the Best Times


Unbeknownst to many Twitter users, posting at the right time of day can massively affect the engagement rates of your posts.

Posts on Twitter have a relatively short lifespan on a user’s feed before becoming lost in everything else.

This means posting at the right, most active, time of day ensures that users see your posts.

Statistically, anytime between 12:00 and 3:00 through Monday to Friday is among one of the best times.

Ultimately the best time for you to post depends on where your followers are from and their time zones.

That’s one reason why the tool Tweepsmap is so awesome, because it analyzes your followers and generates the best times for you to tweet based on your unique network.

8. Post on the Weekends

Similar to the point above, posting at weekends is also a vital time to post if you want to increase your level of engagement.

According to statistics, tweets posted on the weekend are 17% more likely to receive engagement than a post in a week.

This is because the majority of people are off work and are more likely to spend increased amounts of time on the site. There are no days off if you want to succeed!

9. Add Links!


Data shows that tweets that include links will receive increased engagement rates up to an incredible 86%!

This is a huge amount of engagement that you will be missing out on if you don’t add links.

This could be linked to content, your website or anything you like, as long as it’s relevant and just as engaging as your post.

If you’re linking to an article, users will read the article before being diverted back to Twitter.

If they like the article, they will then retweet the post, as well as liking, commenting and sharing.

10. Great Content

At the core of everything we have discussed, delivering engaging and compelling content to your readers is the key to increasing your engagement rates.

Even if you’re following all the points above and implementing every technique in the book, poor quality content that’s boring and irrelevant will drive users away from you.

Researching and writing content is a difficult task to master and can take years of practice.

To get you ahead of the game, you can use online tools such as Buzzsumo. Within this tool, you have the ability to search a couple of keywords that relate to your industry and field.

For example, if you are running a photography page, searching keywords such as camera or even photography will then display relevant articles and will also give you accurate information on the popularity of these posts.

Using these statistic, you can then find the most popular posts which you can use to base your content on.

It’s all about finding out what content works, regarding style, format, tone of voice and topic and then applying these successful tactics to your posts.


Always remember to make your posts as original and entertaining as possible.

Stay positive, it’s important to get the right kind of engagement.

Every time you write, ensure that the reader will have some to benefit out of reading it.

With all these tips and tricks in mind you will see your engagement rates flourish from your tactful tweets!

Editor’s Note

For those who want even more tips for tactful tweeting check out these 35 ways to get more ReTweets.

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