5 New Twitter Marketing Infographics



Whenever I come across exceptional Twitter marketing infographics I save them to my hard drive because I know my audience will find value in them as well.

Over the past month or so I have stacked up five quality Twitter tips infographics for you and each of them is included in this post.


1. 5 Surprising Twitter Strategy Tips

An important point that this Twitter strategy infographic points out is that 30.72% of tweets about a brand do not contain that brands Twitter username and only 9.16% of tweets about a brand mention them specifically with an @ reply.

This means if you have a brand you are monitoring you should review a Twitter search stream for that brand’s name to ensure that all conversations around your brand are effectively managed.


2. 10 Steps To Marketing In The Moment on Twitter

Market in the moment on Twitter and engage your audience.

Strive for a large quantity of conversations, it is far better to be a brand that talks to everyone than a brand that talks to no one.


3. Twitter Tips for Time Management

Check out these Twitter facts and stats to gain strategic insights into how to use time to your advantage on Twitter.


4. Twitter Etiquette Tips

These six Twitter tips will keep you from being unfollowed and help you create more good will with the followers you do have.


5. Best Practices for Your Business Twitter Account

The eight Twitter principles in this infographic can guide you in the direction of Twitter PR success.

Take your Twitter reputation to the next level by applying these tips.




What is your favorite Twitter marketing tip from the infographics above? Let us know with a comment below!

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