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HOW TO: Network for Maximum Success on Twitter with Twitter Marketing Software

I have used hundreds of Twitter Tools and TweetAdder is by far the most powerful marketing software I have encountered!

For that reason I have developed this guide to explain how different features make TweetAdder powerful, and how to use these powerful features for the maximum effect.

If you want to see a video that explains some of the core network building features of TweetAdder check out my TweetAdder video review.


For a comprehensive look at the most powerful features of this marketing software then give this guide a read.

Overview Screen


The overview screen allows you to monitor the status and activities of all of your account from one convenient table.

You can turn each account on or off by clicking on the account, and selecting the on/off button.  This is especially useful if you wish to pause updates to an account, or if you are managing an account from a different computer.

The user icons on the far left show which accounts are logged in, and which ones are logged off or turned off.

To open a user to manage, you can either double click on the row, or select a row and click the “Open User” button.

TweetAdder Functions


The TweetAdder sidebar is broken down into six components, five are shown to the left because they are the only five that really matter.

Search Users to Follow is the menu where you can find users to follow based on several different criteria.

As you use the different features for searching for users within this menu you build out a “To Follow List” which you can then get TweetAdder to slowly crawl through and follow the users that are on it.

The most powerful methods for finding users to connect with are listed below in order of most powerful to least.

No matter which method of connection building you use try to manually screen the people you follow if possible so that you can pull out people who are inactive, or irrelevant to you.

Profile Data Search

This a very useful tool for finding more targeted followers.  I build most of my connections via Profile Data searches because I can narrow my search to people who have interests that are relevant enough to them that they list these keywords in their bio.


Following Everyone Followed by or Following of a User


This is a really cool feature that adds all the followers of a particular user to your ‘To Follow’ list. You go and find a competitor in your niche and start following their followers in the hopes that they’ll follow you back.

A powerful way to use this feature is to use people who are similar to you, but very selective about who they follow.  If you follow these people as well you initiate connections with people who are probably active (millions of Twitter users are inactive) and have a high likelihood of being influential.


Tweet Search

This a very useful tool for searching through all of the tweets containing your search term and location (optional).

What people tweet and what they’re actually interested in can be a little bit different, so keep that in mind when using this feature.

Twitter tries to put a stop to this sort of thing and will now only produce 20 results at a time, so if you want to use this efficiently you will need to turn automation on let TweetAdder work its in the background.


Following Everyone on a Twitter List

Tweetadder makes it easy to follow everyone on a Twitter list.  Just enter the username and the list name.


Following Twitter Users

After you’ve found people you want to follow and added them to your To Follow list, you then have the option to follow people as and when you please, or you can turn on the the automation and the program will automatically follow people for you.

Then all you have to do is to turn on the automation and leave it running on your computer and your job is done.

This sort of automation is not allowed by Twitter so Tweet Adder sets delays between each follow so that Twitter can’t detect the automation.

You also have the option to limit the amount of users you follow each day and this is especially important when you get to 2000 followers as Twitter starts to put a stop to excessive following that’s often used in Twitter marketing. Until you get to 2,000 followers Twitter will stop you from following more that 2k people, so at this point manual network building with tools like Manage Twitter will help to speed things along.

Once you break through the 2k threshold Twitter caps the number of people you can follow in a day at 1,000 people.


Unfollowing Twitter Users

I don’t use this feature of TweetAdder, although it is a smart option for anyone who wants to automate Twitter connection building.

I prefer to invest some time every day and use the Twitter Tool Manage Twitter because it offers more options for sorting those people who are not following me so that I can unfollow the most inactive people first.

Here is what the unfollow Twitter users screen looks like:


Thank You Messages

Using this function allows you to automatically interact with your followers as soon as they follow you back, and this can be a powerful way to get onto the radar of new people in your network.

Many people abuse this feature, and for that reason I rarely check my dms.  I recommend that you avoid their mistakes and don’t start off on the wrong foot by sending a shameless self-promoting message and link.

The right way to use this feature is by sending a message that introduces yourself and thanks them for connecting.


RSS Feed

Although I don’t use this feature because I like to tweet everything manually I recognize its power for automating a stream of tweets to an account that you want to manage automatically.

If you are pressed for time to Tweet this tool could be a serious time saver.


Video Demo

I have also developed a video review of TweetAdder that you might find useful.

You need to download and use TweetAdder to really appreciate it.  Luckily, you can download TweetAdder and test drive it for free.

Then, if you are interested in purchasing TweetAdder, and you buy it through my link:

I will send you a Twitter Tools Book Gold Edition bonus package, worth $198!

This package includes:

  • A copy of The Twitter Tools Book (140 pages)
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  • Lifetime access to The Twitter Tools Book Membership site


As you can undoubtedly tell by this guide TweetAdder is a very powerful network building tool that you should start using asap to build your online brand.

Let me know what you think of TweetAdder and this guide in the comments below!

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    Thanks for the explanation of TweetAdder, Garin. The video was especially helpful – at least for those of us who are visual people. Your tips on what not to do, even though TweetAdder might give one the capability to do it, are particularly important also. IE just because one 'can' do something, doesn't mean one 'should' do it, and this applies to Twitter as well. 

    • Garin Kilpatrick September 14, 2011 at 11:15 am #

      Thanks Elise, and you're right, this is a powerful tool when used, not when abused.

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