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Twitter is easily the world’s most addictive social media platform. It has millions of highly engaged and active users who spend more time Tweeting than engaging with people in the real world.

For organizations and entrepreneurs looking to sell their products and expand their businesses this offers a huge opportunity.

A recent study suggests that almost 67% users are likely to buy from companies they follow on Twitter.

So this just gives you an idea of the massive business potential this platform carries.

However, not every business manages to leverage Twitter the way it’s supposed to be.

Twitter is a fast moving platform and even small mistakes can sometimes cost you big time. So it’s important that you avoid the common blunders that deprive companies from easy revenue generation opportunities.

Here are 5 Twitter promotion tips.

1. Build a Credible Profile

This should be a no brainer, but it surprises me to see just how many companies fail to create an effective Twitter profile.

Your Twitter profile is the first thing a potential customer will see if they find any of your Tweets interesting.

It’s the place where you’re supposed to make a powerful and credible impression on your target audience.

By failing to make use of this valuable real estate you’re effectively wasting potential business opportunities.

To be more specific, an impactful Twitter profile needs to have your brand’s impression all over it. From the display picture and header to your Twitter handle and company bio, everything needs to be perfectly crafted and a true representation of your brand.checkmark-blue

A great way to build credibility with the header image, is to use a picture of your office building or a picture of your team. It immediately gives the impression of a real company that means business.


Profile Picture: Company logo

Header Image: A picture of your team

Twitter Handle: The name of your brand or a slight variation – but nothing fancy.

URL: Main company website

Bio: An engaging but clear description of your services

Location: Your head office location

2. Establish Yourself as an Expert

Selling has certain pre-requisites, and establishing credibility is one of them. Your followers see hundreds of Tweets every minute. Their challenge is to filter out the right information from the noise that covers their Twitter timelines.expert-graphic

Your challenge, on the other hand, is to gain the attention of your followers and make yourself a one stop solution for all their problems related to your niche. That’s the only way you can establish yourself as an expert and, as a result, a credible source of information.

Users are likely to pay much more money when buying from a credible source. In fact, if the source isn’t trustworthy, users would hesitate even going for a low end product.

Many companies never take the longer path of establishing their credibility first. They expect users to trust them immediately, which obviously never happens.


  • Plan the content of your Tweets
  • Share industry news and insights
  • Proactively offer solutions to burning industry issues
  • Engage with the main influencers of your niche
  • Guest blog on established blogs and promote the posts on Twitter

3. Have Plenty of Personality

People prefer buying from real people like them. No one likes to pay a company that has no face, no voice and no attachment with its customers.

This is where most businesses get it wrong on Twitter. They fail to find their voice and never create a personality around their brand that people can relate with. This eventually becomes a big hurdle when they try to persuade people into buying something from them.

Twitter is a social network where real people engage with each other and discuss different matters of interest. To find success here, you need to adapt quickly.


  • Have a consistent voice in your Tweets.
  • Use the words “You” and “I” frequently in your Tweets
  • Respond to each and every Tweet.
  • Engage with people and build conversations with them

4. Tweet Consistently

Things happen quickly on Twitter and people have very short memories here. Even a small period of inactivity can wipe you off from their minds.

But many companies fail to realize this. They believe that whenever they’ll Tweet, even after long delays, people would be willing to engage with them. This isn’t how things work on Twitter.

As I said earlier, there’s a lot of noise on the timeline of every Twitter user. Users engage only with companies and brands they’re used to seeing regularly on their timelines. In fact, any brand that remains inactive for a while usually sees a large number of its followers go away.


It’s important to be consistent with your Tweets both in terms of their content and frequency.


  • Tweet at least 5 times a day
  • 9AM, 12PM, 3PM and 6PM are the best times to Tweet
  • The best days to Tweet, in terms of engagement, are weekends
  • Schedule your Tweets, in advance for the week, using the BufferApp.
  • Schedule your Tweets in all time zones where your target users might reside.

To help you plan your tweets for the week check out this social media success spreadsheet I created.

5. Avoid Constantly Pitching

The worst thing you could do to your credibility as a brand is Tweet hard sales pitches frequently.

Not only would this ensure that nobody ever buys anything from you, but it also rapidly reduces your followers.

Twitter is not a place to post hard sales pitches – for three reasons to be precise.

  • Nobody likes them
  • People ignore pitches
  • Hard selling causes people to unfollow you


  • Focus on engagement all the time
  • Tweeting links to your sale page is fine, but don’t do it too frequently and DON’T become a link broadcaster (someone who only Tweets links)
  • Tweets about sales should always relate with a benefit or a solution for your followers. Never make it a hard sales pitch.

6. Engage With the Conversation Already Happening in Your Niche

The mistakes that I’ve mentioned above, usually prevent brands from creating any level of engagement with their followers and leaves them completely isolated.

But many brands don’t make these mistakes. They get everything right from the start and build a highly engaged following on Twitter.twitter-conversations

But when it comes to the final step, making sales, they get it wrong, badly!

See, Twitter users have little patience. They don’t have time to click on the links to your sales page, waiting for it to load in their browser and then making the purchase.

All this takes a lot of time – at least by Twitter standards. Many users would go away before your page loads. And many would never click in the first place.

You need to simplify the sales process. Speed it up by using Twitter cards and integrating ecommerce services that allow direct selling from Twitter.

Show product pictures, display pricing and invite sales by simplifying the payment process.

7. Make The Most of Your Bio

Make sure you feature a  URL in the spot Twitter provides.

This is a great place to promote your website, or better yet a landing page where visitors can join your email list.

If you have two important links you want to promote you can feature a link in the description part of your bio as well – as long at it contains www. or http:// before the link.

Twitter @Username links will be clickable if you write any into your bio description section.

Don’t rush your bio, take your time and make sure you write something you are happy with!

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Twitter is a gold mine, but only for those who use it well.

If you’re interested in leveraging Twitter to make more sales look into using Selz for selling directly from Twitter. It has Twitter cards enabled by default and displays a high resolution image of your product in your Tweets along with the product price.

Most businesses fail to achieve considerable sales from Twitter because they don’t spend enough time to create a winning strategy.

But with patience, quality content and a simplified buying process there are plenty of opportunities for success on Twitter.

Author Bio:

Jawad Khan is an experienced inbound marketer and freelance blogger. His helps small businesses, tech startups and entrepreneurs with high value content marketing services. Follow him on his blog, Writing My Destiny, and on Twitter.

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