50 Twitter Tips in 140 Characters or Less


Shakespeare was on to something when he said brevity is the soul of wit.

With that in mind here are 50 very tweetable #TwitterTips to help you take your Twitter game to the next level.

If any of these strike a chord with you it would be awesome if you share them on twitter and even better if you link back to this post. 🙂 Enjoy!

1) Less is more. [Tweet This]twitter-professor

2) Keep it sassy, funny, or quotable. [Tweet This]

3) Follow people who genuinely interest you and learn from them. [Tweet This]

4) Be consistent on Twitter and try to Tweet every day. [Tweet This]

5) Timing on Twitter matters more than grammar or spelling. [Tweet This]

6) Retweet the best content you find. [Tweet This]

7) Learn the language of Twitter: inform yourself about Twitter acronyms like RT. [Tweet This]

8) There’s room for 140, but try to keep it to 120 characters or less. [Tweet This]

9) Connect your Twitter with Klout and engage with your followers to increase your klout score. [Tweet This]

10) Don’t spam! [Tweet This]

11) Share high quality content to build trust with your network. [Tweet This]

12) Start by following people you know and grow from there. [Tweet This]

13) Get more Twitter followers by connecting with people who live near you first. [Tweet This]

14) Use a URL shortener for all links you post. [Tweet This]

15) Use Twitter search and Twitter tools like @SocialBro to find new people to follow. [Tweet This]

16) Incorporate #hashtags when possible, especially when you are starting out. [Tweet This]

17) Get a great profile pic, the standard egg avatar looks like a spam account and can cause your account to be unfollowed. [Tweet This]

18) Avoid clicking on links sent via DM, too much spam there. [Tweet This]

19) Give credit to others when you share their content and ideas. [Tweet This]


20) Use Hootsuite to help manage multiple accounts & schedule tweets. [Tweet This]

21) Don’t import all of your tweets automatically to Facebook.  This will alienate your Facebook friends without Twitter. [Tweet This]

22) Keep your tweets up beat and interesting. [Tweet This]

23) Be passionate. [Tweet This]

24) Avoid using hashtags (2-3 most per post) or using #ReallyLongAnnoyingHashtags. [Tweet This]

25) Use keywords in your profile but avoid stuffing as many keywords as possible. [Tweet This]

26) Spend more time talking about others than yourself. [Tweet This]

27) Link to your Twitter profile in your email signature, website, or other sites. [Tweet This]

28) Be the kind of account that you want to follow. [Tweet This]

29) Make people laugh whenever possible. [Tweet This]

30) Make sure auto-correct has not changed any of your words before you send your tweet. [Tweet This]

31) Try to find something to RT every time you follow someone new. [Tweet This]

32) Sign up for Twitter chats in your industry and participate (great way to network). [Tweet This]

33) Share your best tweets on other platforms (Facebook, blog, etc). [Tweet This]

34) Post at different times of the day to see what your audience responds best to. [Tweet This]

35) If you share the same link take care to re-write the tweet. Posting the same tweet several times is spam.

36) Go easy on the CAPS LOCK.

37) Use #FF to recommend contacts you like on Friday.


38) Abbrev. when needed 4 more space.

39) Pictures typically get more re-tweets than other types of tweets.

40) Read your tweets over before you post them.

41) The more you tweet, the better results you’ll get.

42) The more you use Twitter, the better you’ll get at using it, and the stronger your network will become.

43) Share life hacks, tips, and advice.

44) Be respectful, and avoid tasteless tweets.

45) Treat Tweets more like text messages than phone conversations.

46) Ask for advice when you don’t know.

47) Google “facts” before posting them.

48)  Profile: Link to your own site, not other social media.

49) A little wit makes everything better: tweets, replies, bios, etc.

50) Use Twitter lists to create collections of cool people and content streams.


Can you think of a Twitter tip that is less than 140 characters long? If so let us know in the comments below!

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  2. Garin Kilpatrick February 18, 2014 at 5:05 pm #

    What is your favorite #TwitterTip from the list above?

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