Infographic: What Happens in a Twitter Minute?


In the new infographic What happens in a Twitter minute some startling Twitter stats are revealed about how active the platform really is.

These stats about the current state of Twitter provide some insight into how you can stand out from the crowd.

Whenever you differentiate yourself from the crowd this is a good thing since you will be positioning yourself as a leader and as such more Twitter followers will naturally flow your way.


Source: WhoIsHostingThis.

Here’s a breakdown of the most significant info from the graphic below.

Every minute:

  • 347,222 tweets are sent
  • 4,398 people visit
  • 700 video links are shared
  • $2,407 is made in revenue
  • $1,744 in ad revenue is made
  • 108 new accounts are created
  • 300 vines tweeted
  • 1,211,420 timelines are viewed
  • 1,458,333 twitter search engine queries are made

Judging by the stats above it seems there is an opportunity to stand out on Twitter by posting rich media, specifically videos and vines.

Consider that 347,222 tweets are sent in a minute, but only 700 of these are videos and only 300 are vines.

So if you post videos and vines more often this will help you differentiate yourself and get a leading edge.


What do you think is the most significant stat from the Twitter infographic above? Let me know with a comment below!

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